Dear Dr. Hendrick,

My name is Joshua James, I am the eldest brother of Bethany and Hannah. I was given custody of my younger sisters when they were 13 and 15, and moved them to Texas from Pennsylvania. I had no concept of what I was doing, but felt I was doing the right thing.

I knew our Mom and Grandmother, God rest their souls, wanted us siblings together. We also had a brother, who was still living in Mississippi at this time, that would eventually join us after he graduated high school. Being an extremely young man myself, to say I was scared would've been an understatement. I had no clue as to what I was doing, but I knew God had a plan for us.

While in Mississippi my brother gained an academic scholarship that he would put to use at The University of North Texas. Although I was elated upon receiving this good news, I also felt the heavy burden of how I would ever be able to provide the same opportunity for my younger sisters?

Honestly I knew I couldn't on my own, but I knew we still had God on our side working for us. I serve an invincible God, and I know He doesn't personally come down from Heaven to Earth to answer my prayers, but He does use others to make make Himself visible in our prayers and times of need... That's what you and everybody involved in the Hendrick Scholarship Program have been to my family and I, an answered prayer!

I cant say thank you enough, but I do thank God for you and pray many blessings upon you and all the families who will also be blessed with an opportunity they might not of had without your kind and serving hearts and efforts. Thank You!
                                                                                                                                                   Sincerely, Joshua James

Bethany and Hannah

Ruby Mendoza.

In The Words of a Parent

"I am very thankful that Hendrick gave my daughter the opportunity to achieve her goals. As parents, our biggest fear was telling our daughter she was unable to attend college because we were going through hard economy issues.

 I pushed my daughter to try her best at school if we were unable to pay her college education maybe her grades and hard work would earn her a scholarship. My husband and I didn't attend college not even high school or middle school, we struggled a lot and we didn't want our daughter to go through the same life we did.

When she told us she got the Hendrick Scholarship I was so happy, she was getting closer to achieving her goals. Having a scholarship has made her more focused in school she tells me that she does not want to disappoint those who trusted on her, she doesn't want to disappoint her parents, teachers, family and sponsors who contribute to the Hendrick Scholarship.

 I thank Hendrick for giving my daughter Ruby the opportunity to be the first one in the family to attend college, she will be able to have a better future and her dream of being a Labor and delivery nurse will come true thanks to Hendrick."

 Lillian Mendoza, mother of Hendrick student, Ruby