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Meet Alexandra Lee:

Our 3rd Student Spotlight!

Alexandra Lee
High School Attended: Plano East Senior High 
Year Graduated: 2013
Foundation Coach: Joyce Kackley
Referred By: School Counselor and Teacher

1. What Major/Degree path have you chosen and why?
I have chosen Nursing as my major, i am in the process of receiving my bachelor degree and becoming a neonatal nurse. I have chosen this degree path mainly because taking care of neonates is my passion and calling in life.

2. Where do you want to be in 5 years?
In 5 years I would hope to be finished with school and beginning my career in a hospital as a registered neonatal nurse.

3. Tells us how the Foundation has made a difference in your life.
The Hendrick Scholarship Foundation has truly changed my life in many amazing ways. Without the Hendrick scholarship I would not have been able to attend college due my financial circumstance. The Mentors /coaches provided by the Hendrick Foundation have been a great asset in my life. Every Time I was in need of any form of help the Hendrick Scholarship Foundation team was readily available to  assist me.

4. What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my success, making it into college, having a job that gives me joy, but most importantly I am most proud of my relationship with God.

5. Who is the person that you most admire and why?

The person I admire the most is my pastor Sheryl Brady because not only is she an amazing person and   comparable to a breath of fresh air, she is an outstanding teacher and woman of God. She taught me how to implement the bible in my life. She helped me connect to God and develop an amazing relationship with God. What is most amazing is that not only did she help me, she continues to help millions of other individuals.

6. What song do you play the most?
“No Weapon” By Fred Hammond.

7. If you were to write a book about your life, what would the title be and why?
The title of my book would be Saved by the BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) because going to church every Sunday and hearing the word from the bible has simply saved my life by showing and teaching me how to live my life righteously regardless of the trauma I endured as a child.