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Did you know that two of our students are attending UT Austin? Sabrina LeBoeuf and Jairo Cabrera. I caught up with the both of them on Spring Break and they shared some of their background and future plans with me.

Which Plano ISD school did you graduate from?
SABRINA - Plano Senior High School
JAIRO - Plano East Senior High School

What year did you graduate? 
SABRINA - 2017
JAIRO - 2016

What year did you enter UT? 
SABRINA - Freshman
JAIRO - Junior

What year do you plan to graduate from UT? 
JAIRO- 2020

What is your major? 
SABRINA- 1.) Journalism and 2.) Radio-Television-Film
JAIRO- Music Studies

Do you have plans for after college? 
SABRINA - My dream job after college is to report for The Dallas Morning News. After that, I hope to someday write for the New Yorker. 
JAIRO - I would like to teach for two years and then apply for a masters in orchestral Conducting

How did Hendrick help you get where you are? 
SABRINA - Hendrick has helped me so much. Not only has Hendrick helped financially, but they’ve given me workshops to further my professionalism and a supportive community that makes me feel like I can truly do anything. 
JAIRO - The Hendrick Scholarship Foundation helped me by providing more than just financial aid. Hendrick provided me with a group of people who support me with academic advising, real life advise, and they helped me prepare for my move to Austin from Plano.

Why did you want to go to UT? Why do you like it? 
SABRINA - I wanted to go to UT because I knew they had one of the top journalism programs in the country. (which I’m proud to say is still true!) I love UT because of the loving community, the plethora of opportunities I’ve been given and the atmosphere of learning. 
JAIRO - The University of Texas provides the most diverse music setting I have ever experienced. The professors here care more about understanding than grades. The teachers also make it crystal clear that they are always there for you and they really share their love of music with all students. I wanted to come to UT because of the amazing diversity and the sense of pride. I found both and love every second here. - What Starts here Changes the world. Hook em!!!

Thank you to you both! Congratulations and good luck. Hook 'em Horns!